Thursday, February 28, 2008

Great Friends

I wanted to welcome Steve and Deidra to the world of blogging! Steve and Deid have been very good friends to Larry and I. I admire the relationship that Steve and Deid have with each other and they inspire me to be a better wife and mother. They have recently been approved to adopt a baby through LDS Family Services. We can't wait for them to be blessed with another baby!

Friday, February 15, 2008

My Sweetheart

For Valentines Day my sweet Larry was so kind and thoughtful. He had a package waiting for me when I woke up with CK IN2U perfume and a really cute sweetshirt. His note was especially appreciated. I was pleasantly surprised to wake up to a gift waiting for me. Later, while I was at work, the Office Manager brought a beautiful floral arrangement up to my office. I thought it was impossible that they could be for me because Larry had all ready given me a gift. But, they were. Larry had sent me a beautiful rose arrangement! Needless to say, he went above and beyond my expectations this year! He was thoughtful and generous and it meant more to me than I can express. Thank you, Larry. I love you!