Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happiest Place on Earth

I'm not sure if any of you read Larry's blog but as we were planning to make our trip to Disneyland, which calls itself "The Happiest Place on Earth", Larry wrote on his blog about what his Happiest Place on Earth is. I was thinking about what mine would be this morning as I was getting ready for work. These were some of my thoughts...
  • I love lazy mornings when Larry and I are still in bed, the sun is shinning through the curtains and I can hear the birds chirping in the tree outside our window and the boys climb in bed with us. They are mischievous and like to try to tickle us and jump on us and hide under the covers. It usually ends up that we gang up on either Larry or they gang up on me and we try to pin them down and tickle them. Mostly it is Larry and I torturing the boys with tickles. We laugh and giggle and completely enjoy being with each other. I love mornings like these.
  • It doesn't happen often but I love being on a beach that has warm sand. It makes me feel happy to bury my feet in the sand and to pick up the sand in my hands and have it fall slowly through my fingers. I love the feeling of that. I love the sun on my face and hearing the ocean and waves. I was in heaven a couple weeks ago when we were sitting on the beach early Saturday morning. Not many people had made it to the beach yet so it was like we had the beach to ourselves.
  • The last Happiest Place I will mention is when Larry and I get together with some friends of ours. I feel happy being with Larry and sharing our time with these friends. When we make plans with them it is something we I look forward to. It is relaxing, comfortable, and enjoyable to be in their company. And for the evening, it is my happiest place.

I wonder what your happiest places might be and I can just bet that whatever or wherever your happiest spot is your family is there too.