Sunday, August 14, 2011

Week 24

 It has been a very busy week for my little guy.

Strider discovered his feet awhile ago but he has now discovered he can bring his foot right to his mouth.  Yes, he enjoys sucking on his would too, if you could.

He can now sit by himself.  I can't tell you how much happier he is now that he can sit. 

Today was the first of many messes...
I was doing the dishes and he wanted to be closer so I moved him to the counter.  I knew the bag of Cheerios was sitting close to Strider but I just didn't think he would be able to reach it.  He maneuvered himself enough in his chair to reach the bag and proceeded to dumb every last Cheerio out.  He thought it was a pretty fun activity.  Okay, he just loved the sound the bag made, but it did make him very happy.  Dresden was in the kitchen with me and we were both having a good laugh at Strider's antics.  Logan heard us so he came running up from downstairs.  He hadn't had a bowl of cereal yet and was planning on eating Cheerios.  You should have seen Logan's face when he saw all the Cheerios dumped out on the counter.  Let's just say he wasn't very amused.  Poor kid had to scoop the Cheerios off the counter so he could have his morning cereal.

I sure love this little boy and the joy he brings to our family.