Sunday, March 16, 2008

Weekend Fun

About 10 days ago I had the TV on while me and the boys were getting ready in the morning. Logan saw a Sea World commercial and said that he wanted to go. When I got to work I received an email for last minute airfare deals to San Diego. Tickets were really cheap so I decided our family needed a little vacation. Nothing like being spontaneous!!! We had a great time getting away.

This is of the boys in front of the Dolphin tank.

Dresden watching one of the Dolphins soar in the air.

I'm not a big fan of Cotton Candy, but the boys sure are!

The boys enjoyed touching the sea critters.

When we went to the Shamu Show the boys wanted to sit right up front...after all we didn't get that wet at the Dolphin Show and we were in the second row. So, we sat in the fourth row to watch Shamu. Needless to say we got SOAKED and Logan started to freak out. We had to leave right after we got splashed because the boys were not very happy at all. Later that day, after we had dried, we went back to watch the Shamu Show again...from the upper deck. It is amazing to see people swimming with these amazing creatures!

I think one of the weekend highlights was when we went to the harbor and went on a boat musuem tour. We were able to tour 5 different boats that were docked in the harbor. The boys loved the Pirate Ship and the Submarine!
Here is my sweet Logan having a melt down on the plane because he can't sit by the window.