Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bedtime is a time of night that I really do not look forward to. By the time it is time for the boys to go to bed I am pretty tired myself and I just don't want to fight with them to get them to stay in their own beds. Dresden is really pretty good about getting all tucked in and falling asleep right away. Logan, on the other hand, is my struggle. That boy just does not shut down and can go and go and go. Every night I have to go in and lay down by him, which I fight and fight, I want him to fall asleep on his own. But by the time I give up and I lay down by him I instantly LOVE my time with him. He is such a cuddle bug and will wrap his little arm as far around my neck as possible to hold on to me. And then, I don't want to leave! I just have to list the many lovable things he does that make me feel so happy. He loves to cuddle. When he comes into our room in the middle of the night (I know, he shouldn't be doing this and I shouldn't be allowing it but we really don't mind) he molds his little body to mine and has to be close to me. When he was a baby, I'm talking infant, he wanted his face right up against mine. He wouldn't fall asleep unless our noses were practically touching. I think he liked feeling my breath on his face. I love that when I hold him to give him a hug he pats or rubs my back (he does the same with Larry and we both find it so adorable) I love that when he sees pretty things like a pretty necklace or ring he wants me to have it. I love that when he finds a flower he will pick it and put it in my hair. I love that he likes to brush my hair and make it look pretty. I love watching his little face while he sleeps. I can watch my boys sleep endlessly. They both have the prettiest shaped eyes when they are closed. Dresden's eyes have such a pretty curve when they are closed and his eyelashes just make it all the prettier. Anyway, I love that Logan loves to love people and I especially love to be loved by him. I was looking at his baby pictures with my mother in law and I was just reminded of what a loving baby he has always been. He is always happy and adventurous and wants to make people happy. And, apparently I have taught him some manners because the other day I over heard him talking to his cousin Sydney. I told them to go wash their hands before helping me make breakfast so they ran up to the bathroom and then I heard him say, you go first, girls are always supposed to go first. I have to mention that Dresden is also pretty thoughtful. Larry told me that the other day when he went to pick Dresden up from school he was pretty late getting to the car. Larry asked him what took him so long and he told Larry that he was waiting with Sophie until she got picked up in the front of the school. Dresden sure does like Sophie and I'm glad to know that he looks out for her.

Wow, that was quite the ramble but I have been thinking these things for awhile now and I just had to share them. I feel so blessed that I have Dresden and Logan to love and that they love me back.