Monday, March 29, 2010

Curtis, MD

Alta View Hospital hosts a Community Fair once a year and this year we decided to attend. Dresden had baseball practice so we decided to head out early so we could spend a little time at the fair. We were able to tour a fire engine, police car, SWAT van, mobile command center, and the air med helicopter. The boys were able to try on a bulletproof vest in the SWAT van and tried picking up one of the riot shields...which was very heavy. This was their favorite of all the emergency vehicles.

Inside the hospital they had lots of different stations to stop at. Due to our time constraints we went straight to the operating room. One station was an orthopedic surgeon showing you what type of tools they use when you break a bone and need a plate and screw put in. They let Dresden use the drill and screw in one of the screws into a femur. They were also able to stick their hands inside a dummy and try to find different organs. We then went on and performed cataract surgery on a grape and put staples on the incision site of a piece of flesh. I think I was more interested in everything that the boys were able to try than they were. When we were at the cataract station there weren't many people so I asked if I could give it a try. I was able to look through the microscope, trace a circle three times with some tweezers on the grape and then peel the skin off the grape. Somewhere along the way I missed out on my calling in life. I have always wanted to be a doctor but I didn't have the discipline needed to accomplish that goal. But for a couple minutes I had fun with the nurse handing me tools and pretending like I was a surgeon. Maybe one day one of my boys will have the same interest in medicine and will want to become a doctor.
Logan finding the appendix.

Dresden digging around a cavity full of spaghetti
looking for different organs.

Is that a hot dog or a gummy worm?