Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ordinary turned extraordinary

Larry and I have always wanted a mosaic medallion and after visiting many tile stores that have absolutely beautiful tile accents we found a great deal and decided to go ahead and splurge to make our ordinary tile floor look extraordinary. Actually, we were at one tile store and saw a medallion on close out. We debated about buying it and decided to hold off. I went back later and bought it to surprise Larry. We were excited about this medallion until we went to Contempo Tile and saw one even more amazing. It was around the same price and far times better. So, we bought it. Like I said, we splurged. My brother was recruited to help lay the floor and once he started he wouldn't budge and let anyone else pitch in to help the job he started. He did an AMAZING job!!! Such a perfectionist. The floor looks great and the five hours it took to cut the 8 pieces of tile bordering the mosaic was well worth the time...Brandt may disagree. Thank you over and over again to my brother and dad who helped lay the tile!!!