Friday, September 23, 2011

The Witch Is In

One of my first Halloween memories was when I was in kindergarten.  I was dressed as a clown with a big clown hat and had clown make-up all over my face.  I remember being last in line to bob for apples because I didn't want to mess up my clown make-up.  I worried the entire time as I watched the other kids bob for their apples.  I knew that as soon as my face hit the water my white face and big red circle cheeks would run right off my face and I didn't want that to happen.  Surely the kids would laugh!  I don't remember what happened after the apple bobbing experience, whether the kids laughed or not, or whether my make-up dripped off my face or not.  All I know is I was so full of anxiety that I hated that day.  I'm pretty sure that experience had something to do with my hate for Halloween.

Fast forward...lots of years.

Halloween has become our favorite holiday.  We do a lot of decorating outside with a graveyard and ghosts but I have never done much inside.  This morning I got this grand idea that I would decorate the inside of the house as a witches kitchen.  I wanted to create specimen jars to sit on the opening between the kitchen and living room.  My mind started going into overdrive, I had all sorts of ideas.  Larry, Logan, and I went hunting for specimens and jars.  We hit the D.I. for jars and bottles and the Dollar Store for specimens.  I think we found a few good things.  When we got home Logan and I were pretty excited to start playing with the combinations.  He had fun adding food coloring to the jars and was pretty excited about the heart, brain, and cockroaches.  Now that we have the specimen/jar combinations worked out all I have to do is finish off the bottles with creepy mesh and rope and come up with creative labels for the Eyeballs, Shrunken Unicorn Horns, Werewolf Fur, Dragons Blood, Mermaid Hair, Sand from Dead Man's Hill, Brain, Cockroaches, Crow Feathers, Face Parts, and a Rat.  Here's a preview of my project...

Shelf lined with specimen jars
Graveyard Cockroaches
Demented Brain of Warlock
Young Werewolf Fur
Mermaid Hair