Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Honorable Mention

Logan decided he wanted to participate in the PTA Reflections contest.  It was a really last minute effort but with the help of Nana he accomplished a really cute entry.  The theme for the year was, "Together We Can".  He is naturally artistic but this day he remembered back to a little project his dad made called "Thing in a jar" and went with that as the inspiration behind his idea and created one of his own.  Every child received a ribbon for entering Reflections.  A few received Honorable Mentions and another few won a trophy and moved on to regions.  Logan's entry received him an Honorable Mention ribbon.  When we got home he said, "I can't believe I got two ribbons!".  He was so excited and proud of himself.  He is already wanting to start his entry for next years reflections. 

Logan's inspiration "Thing in a Jar"

Logan receiving his Honorable Mention ribbon from the principal, Mr. Theobold

Logan holding up his reflections entry with his ribbons. 
(Aren't we so happy that his entry is much more charming than the "Thing in a Jar"!)
  I love how he made the octopus friends hold tentacles. 
His entry was in the 3-D category, he used molding clay to create his entry.

Mom and Logan.