Sunday, April 5, 2009


Well, it is official, my kids are getting old. Dresden had is 7th birthday on Friday so we had a weekend full of parties. Dresden invited a few of his friends to a Luau party at our house. It was crazy having 8 boys and 2 girls packed into our living room...the snow kept us from being outside. The kids were crazy, loud, funny, exhausting, and enjoyable! The party was a great success and we are just so grateful that Dresden has such great friends.
Happy Birthday, Dresden. We love you with all our hearts and are so happy that you are ours!
I have always tried to make a themed cake for the boys and this year was a bit of a challenge. I wasn't really sure how to make a volcano cake but I think it turned out o.k.

Here is Collin posing in the Hula girl stand-up. All the boys wanted their pictures taken as a hula girl.

Logan as the surfer dude.

One of the things we did at the party was have a hula hoop competition. I was surprised these kids could hula hoop. In fact, there were a couple boys that could have hula hooped all day if they had the opportunity.

You can't have a party without going through the spanking machine!