Wednesday, April 29, 2009


A few weeks ago I received a letter from America First's security department informing me that my visa card number may have been compromised and if I wanted to have a new card issued that I should give them a call. I figured I would call the next day, which it came and went and I did not call. Pretty soon it was out of my mind and I didn't think much else of it. Larry called me today to let me know that there was a message on our phone asking me to call because there was suspicious activity on my card. Well, I should have cancelled my card a few weeks back because I have close to $600 worth of charges pending. All but one of the charges are coming from Great Britain. Lovely (in a sarcastic voice) I went straight in to a branch and filled out all the paperwork needed to dispute the charges. The securities lady working with me is going to try to get all the paperwork processed before the charges actually post to my account. I would love to not have $600 come out of my checking account. Apparently, what happened is I swiped my visa checking card at some store and a hacker was hacking that store's computer system and was stealing all the information from the card strip...account number, expiration date, security code...and placing that information on new cards. Hopefully, we caught the charges before anymore could go through. I HATE DISHONEST PEOPLE!!!

On a side note...

I usually always park my car in the garage but last night the boys scooters were blocking my spot in the garage and I was having a migraine so I didn't feel like getting out of my car and moving them so I left my car in the driveway overnight. I am crazy about locking my car and I know I did...well I could have sworn I did...but I received a phone call this morning from my lovely neighbor, mom, who asked me if I went to my car last night around 1 - 1:30am. I told her I was dead asleep with a migraine and I wasn't out there. She went on to tell me that she heard a car door close quietly so she got up and peeked out her blinds (she's such a snoop j/k). She said she saw someone with long hair sitting in my car. She figured it was me getting something from my car and didn't think much else about it until this morning when she called me. I know when I went to my car this morning it was locked and I could swear I locked it last night. I can't see anything missing from my car. My registration is still there, the folder with my paid bills was still sitting on the passengers seat (I know, that should have been taken into the house), the curly fries from Logan's dinner were still there along with the lovely odor, the cd's were still there (maybe they don't like Spongebob music or Kids Bop), and the change in my door was still there. I can't see anything missing.

So, the question is..are these both random incidents or do they have something to do with each other?

I guess my advice to you is this, if you get a letter from your bank or credit union letting you know your information MAY be compromised, it probably is so you should change your account information. The other thing is, be aware of your neighborhood! A prowler was lurking around my yard which means he may have been lurking around your yard. Watch out for your neighbors and if you think something is suspicious go ahead and give your neighborhood police a call!!!