Friday, September 11, 2009

Logan's prayer

The other night Logan came to my room to say his prayer before bed. He usually says a pretty quick prayer but this night he kept going and going. He usually is done after a few "help me's" but as he kept going and going my heart melted more and more. I was in such a bad mood when he first came in but by the time he was finished with his prayer I felt so blessed and happy to have this little boy. It made my horrible day worth having. After he was finished I gave him a kiss, tucked him into bed, and went straight to the kitchen for a pen and paper to write this down...

...thank you for this day.
Help me to not see things when I close my eyes.
Help me to have good dreams and not bad dreams,
and when I wake up help me to have a good day.
Help me to sleep in my own bed more times.
Help me to eat good foods so I can grow up big and strong.
Help me and Dresden to listen to Mom and not fight with each other.
And help me and Dresden to clean our rooms more often.
And bless Dad that he will get home from work safely...

After I went and wrote this down I went back to check on Logan. He was still awake and wanted me to lay down by him. He locked his little arms around my neck and then said, "this will be a quick one, I forgot to say something in my other prayer."

...thank you for this day. Help me and Dresden to have a good day at school tomorrow...

Logan certainly brings joy to my life.