Friday, August 26, 2011


The best response I heard from the boys was when I told them that we were in the last week of summer.  Dresden responded, "what a rip off". I have to agree with him.  Who wants to start school in August, especially when it doesn't let out until June?  Actually, the boys were both more than ready to go back to school.  They may not admit that, but when they are each wishing the other one would go on a month long vacation, well that just tells me they have had enough of each other and need a routine again.  They both seem to like school.  I hope that doesn't change once homework starts coming home.  I think having a good teacher does make a big difference and I'm glad that they both like their teachers.

Logan 2nd grade ~ Dresden 4th grade

While the boys were at school Strider and I weren't really sure what to do.  So, we did a little of everything.  We played, took naps, cleaned, painted my toe nails, and tried some new foods. This is of Strider sucking on a frozen banana.  If he could talk he would say, "Yummy!"

Strider also tried some new baby food.  I can say that he is much different than my other boys.  Dresden and Logan never liked getting their hands dirty but this kid has no problem with it.

He has this funny routine when I feed him baby food.  I put the spoon in his mouth, then he puts his four fingers in his mouth, sucks a couple times then puts his thumb in his mouth.  He repeats this after every spoonful of food.  I can only imagine what the mess will look like once he starts to feed himself.  I guess I will be moving his highchair FAR away from the white curtains.

The rest of the week wasn't as eventful as I had hoped for.  I ended up with a pretty good migraine that decided to stick around a few days.  After the first night of being sicker than I have been in a long time, I decided it was silly that I didn't go see the doctor to get a new prescription for my medication.  I saw the doctor and filled the medication just as another migraine was coming on. Not only is it great that I have a medication that will kill my migraines, but I was pleasantly surprised when the cost of it dropped $40!

Thursday night we went to the wedding of Larry's niece, Katie Winn.
It was a really nice ceremony and reception and Katie made a lovely bride.
We couldn't help but use the beautiful backdrop to take some pictures of our own.
I sure love these handsome boys.