Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Remodel. an introduction

When we bought our home we always knew we would like to remodel the kitchen, at some point. If any of you have been in our kitchen you would know that it is horrible design. When you walk into the kitchen you are greeted with a bank of cupboards that run at least 6 feet along the peninsula. It blocks your view to the sink, fridge, and stove. Once you walk around the cupboards you have a U shaped area to work in. Because the cupboards hang so low you don't have much of a work area. The distance between the sides of the U is around 3.5' with the sink at the top of the U. There is not enough room for Larry and I to both be in the work area. In my opinion it is a dungeon! A dark hole that I HATE being in.

The day our fridge died was unfortunate. The logical thing for us to do is to buy a new fridge. We would have to buy a small fridge to fit in the 1980 cabinet design but that would mean spending money on a fridge that we DON'T want and would eventually have to be replaced with one we would want with our new kitchen design.

The decision was made to remodel the kitchen. We have some money set aside that was supposed to turn our rec room into a theatre room but Larry was kind enough to set his project and dreams aside to embark on MY project and dreams. The money certainly won't cover my project but it sure does give us a good starting point.

This isn't the first kitchen remodel we will have done. When we moved into our first home we remodeled the kitchen there. It was easier because we weren't moved in yet and could come and go as we pleased. We regret that we didn't get as many pictures of the remodel process as we would have liked so we are going to make sure we document this kitchen remodel well.

So, I've decide I will post the process of the remodel. All the sweat, tears, frustrations, decisions, setbacks, and joys.

To be continued....