Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hangin' On

All of Dresden's friends have lost one, two, three or more teeth but Dresden's just haven't wanted to budge. Finally, thanks to an apple, one of his bottom teeth became ever so slightly loose. It hasn't been left alone since. His tongue is pushing on it or his finger is wiggling it back and forth constantly. Yesterday he showed me how loose his tooth had become and it was literally just hanging there. Larry has suggested many ways to Dresden about how we can pull it but Dresden didn't like the idea of someone or something pulling his tooth out. We promised him WE would not pull his tooth and that HE can take his own sweet time nudging the tooth loose.

This morning he came in my room with tooth in hand and said it fell out while he was asleep last night. It's a wonder he didn't swallow the tooth. I guess the Tooth Fairy will make her first appearance tonight.

Champions, once again.

I think the first time I met Larry he was playing softball with a group of people from his singles ward. When we got married he didn't stop playing softball. It wasn't with a singles ward any longer but with his work. I was invited to play along side Larry and his coworkers and for the past 9 years, with the exception of a couple years the news didn't put a team together, we have played softball. When I first started playing I hadn't played on a team before so Larry would try to be helpful and give me advice on how to swing better or how to field a ball better. I wasn't very receptive to Larry (I hate getting advice when I didn't ask for it) but did try to apply his advice to my game. Anyway, over time I have gotten better and playing softball with Larry has become even more enjoyable. I look forward to our games because it is one time during the week that Larry and I are able to do something fun together. So, last night the Dnews won yet another championship. I'll leave the game highlights to a real sports writer and you can read about the upset win HERE.