Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Weeks 22 & 23

Week 22 has kicked my butt!  I have been an emotional wreck, braxton hicks contractions with hot flashes have been too numerous, I'm worn out, dizzy, and these daily headaches are more than I can handle.  Not to mention that I think I have doubled in size in just 5 days.  The skirt I wore to church on Sunday won't be zipping up this week.  Seriously, this week could end and I would not miss it.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Week 23 has been much better.  My head is clear, I'm not emotional, and I'm not cramping as much.  I think I felt so terrible last week because my body was going through a huge transformation.  Baby boy has decided to not hide in my back any longer.  He is out front now and starting to fill in any available space.  I had a little laugh to myself this morning when I bent over to pick up my shoes.  It wasn't as easy as it was just a few days ago...and I still have 3+ months to go.  I guess the only positive thing going for me is I am finally looking pregnant instead of looking like I am packing on a few extra pounds.  Well, there's also the news that I received from my Doctor yesterday that the ultra sound came out great.  There isn't anything alarming about the scans that have them worried.  That news and the news that they will induce me.  I had heard from a friend that IMC doesn't schedule inductions unless you are overdue.  He confirmed with me that he most certainly does do inductions everyday and he is more than happy to schedule me for one.  (He doesn't induce on the first pregnancy) One reason he will induce me is because I have had two previously scheduled inductions, one of which I didn't need.  The other reason is because by week 38 in my past pregnancies I was already dilating.  Anyway, it was a big relief to hear.  So, if all goes well and the baby decides to wait for the induction date and not come sooner like Logan did, then we will have our baby on February 28th.

Picture of the growing bumb may appear...