Thursday, August 11, 2011


There aren't many activities that Larry and I do together.  We enjoy going out with friends but the only thing that he and I have ever really done together, consistently, is play softball.  One of the first times I met Larry he was playing in a softball game.  Soon after, I would occasionally play with him, not sure if it was a singles ward team or what.  I was very aware of the girls that didn't like me playing on the team but I still had fun playing and going to Pizza Hut afterwords.  For the past 11 years Larry and I have played at least Spring or Fall softball, if not both, with the Deseret News.  I think there may have been a one year gap but we have always looked forward to playing ball. This year was no different.  We had many canceled games due to rain but we finally got the season going and we came away the Champions.