Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fun with the big boys...

The last couple months we have done some fun things with the boys.  Over Spring Break we tried going to the Zoo.  It was a little rainy but we figured we could handle a little rain.  What we didn't count on was the wind that was coming from the canyon.  We got out of the car long enough to decide the wind was just too cold so we climbed back in the car and headed for the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point.  The boys had a great time at the museum.  This is just one of the funny pictures I took of my goofy goobers.

Over Memorial Weekend we took a drive to Antelope Island.  There was supposed to be a Cowboy Festival going on so we thought we would give it a try.  It was a soggy, muddy, wet mess.  The boys walked around the homestead while Strider and I hung out in the car.  We did get to see the buffalo on the island, which the boys have never seen before.  The camera ran out of batteries when we were able to see a few buffalo up close.

Dresden and Logan love museums so I looked up all the local museums and made a list of the ones we would go see.  Fort Douglas was on the list.  I planned to go up early in the week but notice that Fort Douglas Days was later that weekend.  The flyer said there would be free food, displays, and that you could fire some sort of gun.  Awesome!  The boys should love this.  When we arrived we realized it was much smaller than we anticipated.  The reenactments were pretty sad.  We walked around and saw that people were getting in this old army ambulance.  The boys patiently waited their turn while a sister group was up in the cab trying out the drivers seat.  When the girls were done Dresden and Logan jumped up and sat in the front seats.  Logan, the curious boy that he is, honked the horn which startled all of us.  I sort of giggled but then the army guy giving the medical demonstration walked over to the truck and said, "You are in so much trouble! You aren't supposed to be in there!"  Then he noticed me on the other side of the ambulance so he calmed down a bit and walked away.  Hmmm, if you don't want people in your vehicle then don't have the doors open or at the very least leave a sign asking to "look and not touch".  I was sort of bugged with the guy and the boys were really embarrassed.  I told them it wasn't their fault and that no harm was done.  We looked at some other vehicles, helicopters, and tanks before deciding we weren't going to be able to fire a gun or eat free food.  After an hour we had enough and headed home.
 The boys in the back of the ambulance minutes before honking the horn.
 They did fire some cannons numerous times.  The boys thought that was pretty cool.

We finally made it to the Hogle Zoo.  The weather was still chilly but at least there wasn't rain or wind.  Logan is our little goofy goober and always is doing something silly. I know, that isn't very sanitary, Logan climbing in the drinking fountain.  Well, it wasn't turned on yet so we let him continue his silliness.

Logan's reaction to a Rhino rear...
 If Dresden's arms were a bit longer he would be the size of an Adult Female Gorilla.  Imagine the hugs I could get with arms like those.  8 )

Four Months

My little man is now 4 months old.  Seriously, the time has gone by so fast.  Why doesn't pregnancy fly by as fast?  Strider has loved playing with this toy but he is now getting a little bored with it and wanting to sit up all the time.  His new favorite place to sit is in his highchair.  We have been amazed at how quickly he started using his hands. It has been fun watching him study his hands and fingers the past couple months.  Now he is noticing his feet and grabbing a hold of them.  He is also getting better at grabbing a hold of his toys and bringing them to his mouth.

This is the only time he fell asleep while playing with this toy.  I left him there because the rest of us where in the middle of eating dinner.  He looked too cute under there not to take a picture.

Another cute thing that I can't get over is how he always covers his eyes when he is tired.  From the very beginning he has done this.  He also loves to bury his face when he sleeps.  To fall asleep he likes to be on his side with a blanket snuggled up to his face.  Yes, this makes me nervous but I have found a muslin wrap that is so light weight that I feel okay about him snuggling with it

Strider loves bath time.  He kicks and wiggles and splashes the entire time.  There have been times he has been crying and as soon as I turn the water on to fill the tub he starts smiling away.  I think he will be a water baby just like his older brothers.

Logan was playing with my camera one day taking pictures of Strider so I made him take a picture with me and Strider.  I love his happy little face in this picture.
Now that I am home all day I think Strider is getting to be a little spoiled.  He doesn't do nap time very well in his crib so I let him sleep in my bed.  It's so much easier to lay down next to him and sing him to sleep.  He instantly settles down when I sing to him.  And, I admit, I like taking naps with him.  As I sit here typing this he is over on my bed taking a nap.  I think I am going to have to stop this practice and get him sleeping in his own crib for nap time.  Not only so he will sleep in his crib but so I will be forced to get more done around the house.  No more lazy days for me.  When I'm not being lazy and trying to clean up Strider has now decided that sitting across the room isn't good enough.  He wants to be right next to me.  So, here he is sitting in the highchair next to me while I do the dishes.  You can see he still isn't too happy about me not giving him the undivided attention he wants.

Larry and I were talking the other day about what a different experience raising Strider is.  We aren't as crazy and nervous about having a baby around.  The first few weeks were still really emotionally hard but things are just so much easier now than they were when we were raising our other two boys.  It helps that Dresden and Logan are older and more independent but I think it also helps that Larry and I are much more calm and experienced with raising a baby.  We thoroughly love having this little boy in our lives. 

Strider Winston DeVon - 4 months