Sunday, April 20, 2008

New Zealand

Larry and I returned earlier this week from a trip to Wellington, New Zealand. Larry had an opportunity to meet with a man he really admires so instead of Larry going alone we decided to make a trip of it...thank goodness for tax refunds. After a 20+ hour trip to get to Wellington we arrived to a beautiful landscape. The scenenry was much different than what I had expected. There weren't sprawling sandy beaches and crystal clear water but still it was amazing! The hillside houses and lush landscaping was very appealing. Larry's meeting went extremely well. I feel horrible that I travelled all that way and ended up with a migraine the day of Larry's meeting. I took a cab with him to the office of Richard Taylor but by the time we got there I really wasn't feeling well so Larry put me back in the cab and sent me back to the hotel. Larry's meeting went much better than he could have hoped for. So, the vacation was well worth the expense. We had a great time going to dinner with some of Larry's friends. We had dinner with Erica and her husband. Erica is one of the founders of the website that Larry is involved with. We also had dinner with Daniel Reeve, an artist that works on many films, and one of Larry's "adoptive" sisters, Rachel. Rachel is a young aspiring film maker. She and her Hollywood agent have been pitching a TV series to Disney, which they are apparently interested in. Larry kind of took her under his wing and has introduced her to some people that have made a difference in her life.

Our trip was fabulous and it was great to spend some one on one time with Larry. Enjoy some of our favorite pictures of Wellington...

This is of us on top of Mt. Victoria looking over Wellington Bay

Nothing more than a great picture that Larry took!

We were waiting for the ferry to take it across Cook Straight to the South Island and these tug boats were lined up outside the ferry port. Another great picture!!!

This is a view of Cook Straight when we were on the ferry. A beautiful look of the dimensions of the Marlborough Sounds.

One of the days we went on a fourwheeling excursion. We had a local pick us up in his jeep and drove us over one of the mountains and down to the other side. We fourwheeled along the beach which took lots of experience navagating. We drove out to these rocks where around 20 seals make this there year round home. This seal was very photogenic and it seemed he was posing just for us. I think the fourwheeling was one of my favorite experiences in New Zealand!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Another Birthday Boy

Our sweet boy has turned 4 today! The theory that we have heard is kids go through the Terrible Two's and the Horrible Three's. Not with our Logan. He has been such a joy to have in our family. He is constantly making us laugh. He is gentle, kind, funny, sweet, loving, and adorable! We love you Logan!
Logan having his first sleep

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Birthday Boy

Our sweet Dresden is no longer our little boy.
Today Dresden turned 6 years old!
Happy Birthday Dresden!!! We love you!
Our precious newborn, Dresden
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