Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Twenty Six

Twenty Six has always been a favorite number of mine.  Now it will become a date to celebrate once a year.  February 26th is the day that my Doctor and I chose for the birth date for my little guy.  I know some people disagree with inductions but there is nothing more calming than going to bed the night before knowing that in the morning you will wake up, casually drive to the hospital, check in, and then start the process of labor and delivery.  I figure I've done it both ways, induced with Dresden and labored with Logan at home.  He came before the induction date and didn't make it easy on us knowing when it was time to head to the hospital.  Contractions were NOT on a schedule.  I'd have one and then another would come 10 minutes later and then I'd get one 4 minutes later and then another 8 minutes later.  It was not by the book and we were unsure if we really were in labor.  Once we did decide to go to the hospital the nurses were a bit frantic because I was so far along and my Doctor wasn't there at the hospital.  I'm sure he got the page while at church but thankfully he made it in time for Logan to be delivered.  So, I've done it both ways and I choose to be induced again. In twenty six days I will happily welcome our third son to the world.

While at the Doctors I discussed something else with him.  I thought I hurt my back while shoveling snow the other day but the pain is still there.  It comes and goes but stays in the same spot.  Last week I mentioned to my doctor that I was getting a pain under my right rib but we figured it was the baby pushing on my liver, causing the discomfort.  When I mentioned today that I still have the occasional pain but that it also radiates to my back he had a more concerned look on his face.  We're hoping that it is just the baby causing the problem but there's a possibility that I am having gallbladder issues.  Apparently, it is pretty common for doctors to do postpartum gallbladder removals.  Who knew pregnant women have more chances to develop gallbladder issues?! So, if the pain doesn't subside after delivery I'll go in for an ultrasound to see if my gallbladder needs to be removed.