Thursday, September 25, 2008

If you feel so inclined

I'm not here to talk about the presidential race but about my little neighborhood. I live in an unincorporated Salt Lake County island that is surrounded by Sandy City. Basically, my ward boundaries are the county boundaries. Recently a Community Council was put into place for the Willow Canyon Community in order to become a voice to the county for our community concerns. One of those concerns that a lot of the residents are concerned about is a House Bill. HB40 is a House Bill which is a sunset clause on all Salt Lake County unincorporated areas and Townships. The majority of the Willow Canyon Community does not want to be annexed into Sandy City, therefore the Council was created as a way to have a voice for our community concerning the HB40 bill among other community concerns. Anyway, my concerns fall into completely different areas other than the HB40. I have had concerns about the presence (non presence) of police officers, traffic speeds on our streets, lack of sufficient street lights, and zoning in our neighborhood. I have attended a few of the community meetings and listened to other concerns of citizens and voiced a couple of my own. I like being involved and want to find ways to better my community. I figure, if I'm going to live here I may as well do what I can to help make it the safest place to raise my boys. This is where the craziness comes in. There will be an election for the new Community Council (Chairman, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, North, East, & South Area Reps) that will be held on election day, Nov. 4th. I must have lost my head because after the community meeting last night I turned in my intent to run for the North Area Rep. The North Area consists of Indian Ridge to East Point, The north side of East Point, Shoshone, the two circles at the top of Shoshone, and 1400/1380 E. Larry wonders WHY? but I figure, WHY NOT? I'd like to get involved in a more official way and learn more about how our government works. SO, if you are in the Willow Canyon Unincorporated Community I urge you to register to vote. When you go to vote at the elementary school, please remember to look for the Willow Canyon Community Council polling station. And, if you feel so inclined, please vote for me!