Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, Logan

lovely, lovable, lively, likable, laughable, loyal
optimistic, outstanding, outrageous, original, obstinate
grateful, glorious, gentle, goofy, great, gifted, goodhearted
affectionate, able, active, alive, awesome, adorable
nice, neat, noticeable, needy, naughty, nonstop

My sweet little angel boy Logan is sometimes needy, naughty, and obstinate but he is always affectionate and lovable.  He is a joy to have in our family and I feel so blessed to be his Mom.  
Happy birthday, Logan!

    The birthday party gang.

 Logan loves to play with action figures so we bought him this castle.

Who doesn't love a little birthday cash?!

 Giving loves to Grandpa De & Papa John

Sydney made Logan a book for his birthday.
(very cute book full of different animals she drew)