Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ahoy Matey

I think I've decided to go with a Nautical Theme for the babies room.  I've paid a fortune for baby bedding twice and I've decided I just don't need to pay those prices again.  Therefore, I am digging out the old bedding that I used for Logan and will re-do the theme for Jr. #3. If I were going to spend a fortune again I love this bedding but spending that kind of money on JUST the bumper...I don't think so.

In our old home we had a pretty neutral color palette with the exception of the living room.  Everything was painted "Latte" a color from Sherwin Williams, which I loved, but now we have bold colors in our current home.  I can't decide which way I want to go.


or Bold:
I do know for sure that I would like to put up white wainscoting around the room with the color of choice, navy or latte, on top with white trim on the baseboards and casing. I'd also love to have this painted on the ceiling but then again, that's just me living in a fantasy world.
 Let me add one more item to that fantasy world I'm living in...I'd love the curtains in the above photo, too but I can't find them anywhere on line.  Oo la la, I changed my mind, I think I like these curtains a bit better.  Hey Mom, want a sewing project???
May as well add one more item to the list of wishful thinking, this drum shade pendant is rather nice.  Although, I think I'd rather go with a solid navy shade with one large white stripe in the middle.  Overall, I'm liking the idea of it.
The five week count down is on and we still have to finish the "Man Cave" (sheetrock, taping, texturing the ceiling, painting and have the carpet installed) before I can even get started on the babies room.  No worries though, I'm as calm as can be.