Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Baby Wanted

Steve and Deidra are great friends of ours. We admire them and love spending time with them. After having Zack they decided they wanted another baby and have spent the last few years trying to get pregnant again. They have learned that Zack was a complete medical miracle. They would love to add a baby to their family and honestly, they are so deserving. Steve and Deidra are wonderful parents and we would love to see them with another baby to love. We would also love for Zack to experience a sibling relationship. He loves kids and I know he would love to have a brother or sister.

This is in their words...

After much prayer, Steve and I decided about one year ago that we would like to add to our family by adopting a child. We were approved for the process a few months ago and are waiting, waiting, waiting for this miracle to happen. We would love it if our friends and family would keep us in your thoughts and prayers and especially if you would keep your ears open for any situations in which a mom is wishing to place her baby for adoption. Anyone can view our profile at: (then type in our names Stevenanddeidra)

If any of you know of someone who knows of someone that is in a situation that they need to put a baby up for adoption, PLEASE consider Steve and Deidra. They are wonderful people with wonderful values and are wonderful parents!!!