Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sunday School Lesson

Logan learned a very valuable lesson at
Sunday School this past week...

"I learned that when Jesus comes back to earth again there won't be sickness anymore,

like diabetes,

so I can drink as much Mountain Dew as I want."

Christmas lights and music

Nana Donna sings in a choir, The Sally Bytheway Chorale, and was performing at the Assembly Hall at Temple Square.  It was a weekend night and the boys and I were stuck at home without a car.  This was Nana's last performance of the season so I thought it would be a good thing to go and listen to her.  I asked if we could tag along and she, of course, was happy to have us.  Dad wasn't planning on going because he was feeling a little under the weather so I was able to drive us downtown.  We fought the thousands of people that were downtown to see the lights, listen to the choirs sing, and watch BYU basketball at the ESA.  It was crazy busy!  We got Nana dropped off and then parked the car.  We made it through the crowded Assembly Hall and found a place to sit and watch the choir sing.  The boys enjoyed listening to the Christmas music and watching the accompanying orchestra.

 Nana spotted us in the crowd and gave us a smile.

 Nana with the boys after her performance.  This tree was amazing! (if you happen to make the trek to Temple Square, this tree is right outside the Assembly Hall.  It really is beautiful!)

 Mom and her two favorite boys.

Logan, the goofball, putting a red light up to his nose like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.