Sunday, July 6, 2008


So, my body has decided to go on strike for holidays. It first started this routine on Halloween. I was all ready to spend a fun evening with the boys trick-or-treating. Instead I had a headache, fever, and strep throat. I was still able to get all dressed up as Bat Girl and hang out with my little Batman and Robin at their daycare party. And then New Years Eve rolls around. After waking up with a sore throat I looked in the mirror and saw the familiar signs of strep throat. Strep didn't dampen our New Years Eve evening. We still had friends over until 4am playing Rockband. It will take more than a little strep throat to stop us from having a good time. Well, here comes the 4th of July weekend. I thought it would be a lot of fun to get some friends together that we haven't seen in some time. So, I plan a party. We bought hamburgers, brats, hotdogs, veggies, fruit, a pinata for the kids and fireworks. The morning of the 4th I wake up with a rather sore throat. Again, I looked in the mirror and saw the familiar signs of strep throat. I drove down to the clinic to have my throat tested, and sure enough, I have strep throat. Seriously, I have had enough of this. Now the dilema I call and inform everyone or do I just stay away from people and their food. Nope, I do the right thing and call everyone to give them the opportunity to back out if they want to, which I totally wouldn't blame anyone for backing out, but they all decide I wouldn't be giving them kisses, or as the doctor put it,"licking them as they come through the door" so our guests decided to still come, which I was really thrilled about. (sorry John & Crystal for not being able to get a hold of you, I really need your phone numbers.) The party went well and I had a great time seeing everyone. I really sincerely apologize to my guests if any of them end up getting strep.

So, strep..bring it on! It's gonna take more than a little sore throat on a holiday to get me down!!!