Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Follow up

I decided to make a phone call to the District offices today and spoke to Tamra Baker, Director of Elementary Schools for Canyons School District. Tamra was very willing to speak to me and is very aware of the number problems at Willow Canyon. She and Mr. Theobold, Willow Canyon Elementary Principal, have talked numerous times about the options and what can be done. Tamra explained that there just isn't cushion in the budget this year and they are really keeping a tight watch on teacher contracts. She did say that the enrollment numbers for Kindergarten back in June were way down, which I was able to find a spreadsheet on the Canyons website that stated 49 kids were enrolled for Kindergarten at Willow Canyon. So, now there are 64 students enrolled and the District just doesn't have the luxury of hiring a new teacher. However, they are willing to do a "Day 5 Count". After five days they will see how many students are actually attending and if the numbers still stay this high they will re-address adding an additional class.

Although I'm not completely pleased with the current situation, I understand where the District is coming from. However, I think I will still be making a phone call to Mr. Theobold as well, to discuss my concern.