Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Discovery Gateway

Today we attended the neighborhood play group which was held at Discovery Gateway.  The boys weren't too interested in going until I mentioned they could each take a friend.  Spencer and Brayden joined us for the outing.  I really think the boys have outgrown this place because the only thing that really entertained them was one of the newer attractions, large foam domino's.  Of course they loved this because it meant knocking something and someone over...and they sure did enjoy knocking each other over!

Antique Car Museum...

...if you consider a garage a museum.  On the list of museums that we have wanted to visit the Antique Car Museum was next on the list.  Dresden has been very interested in cars for the last few months so when I told him I found a car museum we could go to he has asked nearly every day if we could go to it.  Finally, the day arrived that I planned for us to visit the museum.  We got up and got ready and headed for downtown.  The museum hours say they are open from 8am to 8pm so I thought our 9:20am arrival would be perfect.  We unloaded the van, got Strider into the carrier, and headed for the door but we were stopped and told that no one was there yet.  Hmmm, the neon "OPEN" sign in the window must have been left on from the day before.  NICE.  The lady that stopped us told me that she was there to work and that the owner would be there within the half hour to open up.  She did open a gate and told us we could browse around out back.  We headed through the chain link fence into a parking lot of, well, junk.  There was an old ambulance that looked like the car in Ghost Busters but it started raining so we bailed and waited in the van.  Once the owner arrived we strapped Strider onto me, once again, and headed for the museum.  When you first walk in there is a desk right in front of you and a staircase to the left.  Both were piled high with papers.  I think this must have been their filing system.  On the desk was this nasty old candy dish that had a few pieces of wrapped candy in it but the candy dish also looked like it was used as an ash tray.  Seriously, I should have taken a picture of it because it was awful!  Anyway, we moved through the office part and into a garage "museum" where all the cars were kept.  They were packed in like sardines.  The boys could see past all the filth, dust, and clutter and really enjoyed looking at all the antique cars.  I do have to say this about the museum, this collection belongs to one man.  He has collected cars his entire life and is doing a good service by letting the public come and view his private collection and donating the profit to the West Valley Boys Ranch. So, I get that this is more of a hobby and less of a business venture so I'm willing to cut the guy some slack. Also, he couldn't have been nicer to the boys.  As we were leaving he gave each of the boys a toy truck. 
   This was in a garage across the street from the museum (the less valuable cars???).
  A horseless carriage.

This car was beautiful.  I love the spare tire with the colored spokes and the boys loved that the trunk opened up for a seating area.

Dresden asked me before we left home if I thought they would have a limousine.  I honestly didn't think they would but I was wrong.  Here they are standing in front of one.

Another shot of them by the limo and another really neat car.

The neighbor across the street has a Corvette so Dresden thinks they are pretty cool.  I don't love them so much but this one was amazing.  It was a true beauty!  The yellow was the perfect color of yellow and the white complimented it so well.  I love the whitewall tires with yellow accent, the chrome, and especially the white leather interior.  I could handle driving this around.

I seriously think cars need to be made like this again.
How cool is the white car with the turquoise stripe down the side.
But what I really loved about this car was the matching leather interior.
Those seats are just awesome, not to mention how cool it is that the
steering wheel was also leather wrapped in the same turquoise color.
Seriously, the interior of this car was to die for.