Monday, August 1, 2011

Taking Note

I was terrible about keeping records of Dresden and Logan.  I didn't write down all the cute things my boys did, because how could I possibly forget all those cute things?  I've learned my lesson and now know that I can't possibly remember all the cute things my kids do.  So, this is my journal entry on things that I am taking note about Strider...

This baby really does not liking being in the car.  We would take Dresden and Logan on car rides when they just couldn't fall asleep.  This boy, nope, he just doesn't like being in the car and forget about him falling asleep.  That doesn't happen often.  I'm sure things might be different if he didn't have two older brothers in his face all the time.  The boys sometimes have a hard time leaving him alone.

Strider is the only person that will ALWAYS smile at me when I walk in the room, and I love it!  How can your heart not melt when you see your baby give you a big gummy smile when he sees you.

Strider is a wiggle worm, and when I say wiggle worm, I mean he NEVER stops moving.  You try to feed him his bottle and his arms and legs are going or he's trying to twist around so he can see what's behind him.  When he wakes up in the morning I give him his morning bottle sitting in one of our red leather chairs in the living room.  I always get a kick out him every morning because he slides his foot up and down the arm of the chair the entire time he drinks his bottle.  It wouldn't be so funny if it didn't make the noise skin makes on leather, you know that "was that a fart?" sound.  Unlike his two older brothers who were very calm, Strider is our little wiggle worm.  In fact, when he gets really wiggly while eating I sing to him, "Slow down, you move to fast"  The Simon & Garfunkel song. 

Strider has learned to roll so now he seldom stays on his back.  He isn't always happy when he has rolled onto his tummy but if you put him back on his back he rolls right back over.  This is far different than Dresden and Logan.  Neither of them cared for their tummy's, therefore causing them to be late crawlers.  I predict this little boy will be crawling by next month.  He is already pulling his knees under him trying to scoot forward to grab toys. 

Strider loves to be sung to.  When he gets fussy he quickly settles down if he is sung to.  It may have been a coincidence but the other night I was tired and forgot to sing to him while I was feeding him his bottle.  I was sitting on the chair in his bedroom feeding him.  He finished the bottle, I burped him, and put the pacifier in his mouth.  He kept blowing bubbles and spitting the pacifier out.  I realized I hadn't been singing so I started singing his songs to him and he started to suck on his pacifier.  When I thought he was close enough to being asleep I stopped singing but then he started blowing bubbles and spit the pacifier out again.  So, I sang some more and he sucked on his pacifier.  Anyway, this happened a few times, every time I stopped singing he would spit the pacifier out until I started singing again.  Little sweetheart just wanted to be sung to until he fell asleep.

When I sing to Strider he will reach his little hand up and touch my face.  I love when he does this.

The only time Strider giggles is when he is tired.  The more tired he is the more he laughs.  Tonight he was pretty tired so I brought him downstairs to put him to bed.  The big boys were on their way downstairs too and decided to jump a few stairs to the bottom.  Strider found this absolutely hilarious so the boys kept climbing the stairs and jumping down.  Strider's laughing had all of us laughing.  There isn't anything we won't do to get this little boy to laugh.

Strider is beginning to be spoiled...I guess he isn't beginning, he all ready is.  I've mentioned how he isn't satisfied unless he is right near someone.  Well, it has only gotten worse.  It's not good enough to be across the room, he needs to be within a couple feet of me.  So, I finally bought a Bumbo chair for him and he now sits on the kitchen counter while I fix dinner or do the dishes.  This seems to keep him happy.

The latest thing Strider has discovered is his tongue.  He looks pretty darn cute when he sticks it out and gently blows air out making a cute little noise.

Here are a few pictures.  The quality isn't great because they were taken with my phone...