Monday, August 17, 2009

How many is too many?

My little Logan will be in Kindergarten this year and he is so excited to go to school with his big brother. We haven't received a packet yet with any school information so I started to ask around church yesterday. So, the rumor one has received their information yet AND there are only two kindergarten classes with 35 students in each class. The rumor says that if there are 6 more students to enroll then they will open a 3rd class.

Seriously??!! I happen to know that Willow Canyon has turned away 4 kids. My daycare will only bus to schools where there are multiple students attending a school. Logan was the only one going to Willow Canyon so my daycare started sending kids up there to register for Kindergarten. Each one of those kids were turned away. So, explain to me if they only need 6 more kids to open a third class WHY the school would turn away 4 of them???

I did call the school and there are 64 kids enrolled so that would mean 32 per class. Good luck teachers...and students!!!