Wednesday, November 24, 2010


A week ago I  celebrated my 34th birthday.  Not really exciting but my little family took good care of me.  I started the weekend off by going with some ladies from the ward to Time Out for Women, a convention put on by Deseret Book.  We listened to motivational speakers talk about being the best Mother and individuals WE can be.  Every women's journey in life is individual and it was a great reminder to hear that we shouldn't compare ourselves to other Mothers or to expect too much of ourselves.  I enjoyed being with my friends and even sharing a hotel room with 5 of us turned out great.  It was really enjoyable being away from the "all boy's" life I lead to being with "all girl's" for a while.  And, a big THANK YOU to my Mother-in-law for watching my boys overnight so I could be with the girls.    

I have been feeling my hair has gotten too long so I went Friday morning to get my haircut.  I decided after a few years of all one lenghth hair I would go back to having "fringe" (bangs).  When I returned home from my haircut I walked in the house and the first thing Logan said was, "your hair makes you look 30 years younger."  Yes, I love that little boy.  He knows how to pay a compliment to make you feel good about yourself.  The boys gave me Bath & Body Works goodies and Larry got me a couple new aprons (by my request), a book, and a night out with friends. 

Now, we are anticipating the BIG birthday of the year.  Larry turns 40 this year so we are celebrating with a big birthday bash.  I've rented the Lone Peak Pavilion so we don't have to limit the number of friends we can invite.  We went back and forth between hiring a Karaoke DJ or to have a Rock Band party.  After lots of input from friends, Rock Band won the debate.  It was supposed to be the cheaper route but earlier this week the "red ring of death" showed it's ugly eye on our XBox 360 so we'll be purchasing a new Xbox for the party.  I'm calling it an early birthday present for Larry and an early Christmas present for the boys. I love parties and I'm excited to be throwing him this party.  He deserves to be celebrated!  

If you are reading my blog, consider yourself invited to Larry's Big Birthday Bash!    

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Treasures Found

Last week I was in the storage room getting the boxes for the Halloween decorations so I could get everything put away.  I came across a few tupperware buckets containing baby clothes.  I pulled the three buckets out of the storage room and brought them up to the living room so I could examine what was inside.  What I found were clothes that ranged from 6 months to 24 months.  I was excited to see some of my favorite outfits that the boys once wore.  I also found lots of cute clothes that this new baby could wear.  All the others were bagged up and are ready to be dropped off at DI.  I was expecting to buy all new clothes for this little one but it was a nice surprise to find some clothes that will still work.  I figured if I only have to buy for the first few months then I will be saving lots of money.

Yesterday was the first day of Day Light Savings.  I have been so excited to have that extra hour to sleep in but for whatever reason I couldn't sleep in yesterday.  So, I did some cleaning and then decided while I was feeling up to it I would get the Christmas Tree set up.  Besides, I needed to clear room in the storage room for Larry to move his boxes into the storage room. (The man cave needs to be finished so we can then start on the babies room)  Anyway, while I was pulling the Christmas Tree out I noticed yet another tupperware bucket.  This one was marked "3-6 months".  I made a mental note that the bucket was there, continued carrying the tree upstairs and set it up.  Tonight I decided to get the bucket out of the storage room and go through it.  Sure enough, it was full of 0-6 month clothing...onesies, jammies, bibs, shoes, hats, shorts, pants, sweaters, etc.  Logan had fun with me going through the bucket.  He kept trying on all the hats and bibs.  It was really cute listening to his little comments.  I have both boys knit hats that they wore in the hospital.  I put one over my fist to show him how small his little head once was and he said, "that hat looks really cute on your hand like that."  Anyway, after spending lots of time on the internet, deciding that baby clothes are priced way too high for the amount of fabric used, carefully spending money on the REALLY cute "sale" clothes, I've discovered I won't have to spend as much as I originally thought on newborn clothes.  Turns out my storage room contained buckets full of treasures.

 Yep, I found this onesie...
...and this sailors outfit...
...and even this swaddle blanket (even if it is pink)
Maybe I like the clothes so much because I just recall how adorable my Logan looked in them.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Weeks 22 & 23

Week 22 has kicked my butt!  I have been an emotional wreck, braxton hicks contractions with hot flashes have been too numerous, I'm worn out, dizzy, and these daily headaches are more than I can handle.  Not to mention that I think I have doubled in size in just 5 days.  The skirt I wore to church on Sunday won't be zipping up this week.  Seriously, this week could end and I would not miss it.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Week 23 has been much better.  My head is clear, I'm not emotional, and I'm not cramping as much.  I think I felt so terrible last week because my body was going through a huge transformation.  Baby boy has decided to not hide in my back any longer.  He is out front now and starting to fill in any available space.  I had a little laugh to myself this morning when I bent over to pick up my shoes.  It wasn't as easy as it was just a few days ago...and I still have 3+ months to go.  I guess the only positive thing going for me is I am finally looking pregnant instead of looking like I am packing on a few extra pounds.  Well, there's also the news that I received from my Doctor yesterday that the ultra sound came out great.  There isn't anything alarming about the scans that have them worried.  That news and the news that they will induce me.  I had heard from a friend that IMC doesn't schedule inductions unless you are overdue.  He confirmed with me that he most certainly does do inductions everyday and he is more than happy to schedule me for one.  (He doesn't induce on the first pregnancy) One reason he will induce me is because I have had two previously scheduled inductions, one of which I didn't need.  The other reason is because by week 38 in my past pregnancies I was already dilating.  Anyway, it was a big relief to hear.  So, if all goes well and the baby decides to wait for the induction date and not come sooner like Logan did, then we will have our baby on February 28th.

Picture of the growing bumb may appear...