Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Deseret News Ski School

This year Dresden was old enough to take ski lessons with the Deseret News Ski School.  We thought he would enjoy it more if he had a friend to take lessons with.  We asked his friend Sophie if she would be interested and luckily, she was interested!  We signed the kids up, got them fitted for boots and skis, bought new ski pants and goggles, and awaited the big day.  Dresden was SO excited!  They had a total of three lessons, not enough to make them pros but enough to get them both excited about skiing again.  These pictures are from lesson two, the Rope Tow lesson. 
Sophie and Dresden waiting for the lesson to get started

Dresden's first run down the "slope".

Sophie's first run down the "slope".

Taking the rope tow back up the tiny hill.

Graceful exit.

 Sophie and Dresden finished with their lesson.

The kids did really great on the first trial runs down the hill.  The rope tow was a little tricky, hanging on without it pulling them into the splits, which it did a few times, pulling their gloves off, and hanging on without losing their balance.  It took them a few times to get the hang of it but once they did they were up and down the slopes doing it all over again.

The last day of ski school they were able to ride the chair lifts.  The first thing they both said when they were picked up was, "That Was Awesome!".  When Dresden was asked if it made him nervous being on the chair lift he replied that it was more relaxing than anything.  I'm so glad that they both enjoyed themselves.  I was nervous for them that they would be too cold or it would be too hard but they both are amazing kids and I'm so proud that they were both willing to try something new.  Dresden has found a new hobby that he would like to take up more aggressively but sadly my wallet doesn't support such hobbies.  However, I do think I will have to buy him a day pass or two as Christmas presents.