Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween

Today is the day the boys have been waiting for...okay, one of the days they have been anxiously waiting for...the day they get to wear their costumes to school. Our intentions of getting up early to start on the "getting dressed" process was a bust. We didn't manage to get up any earlier today than normal. We did manage to get all ready in time for school...I just didn't make it to work on time...I guess that isn't very uncommon. Anyhow, here are the boys in their costumes.
Dresden, as a very convincing Harry Potter. He has been so excited about wearing this costume. He was nervous about the black hair spray that we were putting in his hair until we got him dressed in his tie and cloak and put his glasses on. When he looked in the mirror he stopped and stared and couldn't believe how much he looked like Harry Potter. This is the surprised face he had when he looked in the mirror. He was very pleased with the whole outcome.

This is him Ooing and Aahing at how the black hair really does look like Harry Potter.


Logan, well this is just the perfect costume for him. He used to flip his collars up on his polo shirts because "that's how vampires wear their collars". Logan and I decided we would both be vampires this year. He and I are going to make a drop dead gorgeous couple.

Logan certainly knows how to pose for a picture.