Friday, August 28, 2009

My boys the Wildcats

Well, my boys will both be attending Willow Canyon Elementary this year. Officially "Wildcats"! I can't tell you how popular that is thanks to the High School Musical movies. I was asking Dresden the day before school what his feelings were about starting 2nd grade. He was like, "I don't get what you mean?" So I asked, "are you nervous or excited?" He just replied, "it's school, I'm not excited or nervous." Wednesday morning came without any hassles, he got up and got dressed, at his breakfast, brushed his teeth, and didn't even complain when I did his hair. Dresden didn't complain or stall or argue about anything the whole morning. When we got to school he found his line and waited in it without needing me to stand by him. I think I needed to stand by him so I kept checking in with him but he was still fine. Anyway, the bell rang, the teachers came out, and away he went into the second grade doors. I don't even think he looked back once. He is getting so independent and grown up. I miss my little Dresden that used to rub the tip of his stuffed tigers tail on the tip of his nose and would cuddle with me. But I am so happy that he feels comfortable enough with himself that starting school isn't a big deal.

Logan goes today for his Kindergarten testing and I know he is so excited to start school. I have some letters and numbers workbooks that I take to church for Logan to work on and he made the comment, "I love to do homework!". He considers these workbooks his homework and he is so motivated and eager to learn new things. He definitely is my little pleaser. He wants to accomplish things in order to get praise. It really is charming. I hope he keeps up this desire to learn and the want to please but I hope it changes into a need to please and fulfill himself and not others. I can't wait to see how he will react on his first day of school.

This is after Dresden's first day of Second grade. One of his friends was having a hard time in the morning so I thought I would bring a reward for all the kids for accomplishing their first day of school. Here is Dresden NOT wanting to pose with me but finally posing with his Blow Pop...I just happen to be next to him.