Friday, May 27, 2011

Monster Concert

Last year Dresden would occasionally tell me that he wanted to play the violin.  I didn't know anyone that played the violin and wasn't real sure how serious he was about it.  We let it go over the summer but when he started 3rd grade he once again told me he wanted to play the violin.  The school has an orchestra program that has a beginners class, so we signed him up.  He has gone to violin twice a week for most of the school year.  I think he has a real talent for the violin. I imagine how great he could become if I were a little more strict and made him practice daily.  Although, now that school is over he thinks he is finished with the violin, but I have other plans.  I'm hoping to find him a private teacher for the summer so he can have a head start for next year. He feels nervous taking one on one lessons from someone so I may see if I can find a teacher that teaches in groups.  If anyone knows of someone, please let me know.

All the elementary schools in the Canyons School District played in one Monster Concert.  
Here he is practicing before the concert began.

240 orchestra students crowded onto the stage for the performance.  
Dresden was stuck way in the back.

The individual school performance shows how large his orchestra group was...tiny

I'm proud of Dresden for wanting to try something new.  I'm still baffled as to where he got the idea he wanted to play the violin but I'm so grateful he expressed his desires.  I hope Larry and I will always be open to letting our kids try the things they are interested in...unless they want to skydive or something crazy like that.