Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just a spoonful of....

Saturday night Dresden and I, along with Lady the cat, were laying on my bed watching a movie. As I was laying there I noticed that Dresden had become congested. While we were out of town he wasn't the least bit congested but the moment we are back in the house with the cat, again he's congested. Here's a conversation we had...
M: Dresden, are you stuffy from petting Lady?
D: Yeah, but please don't get rid of her.
M: Maybe we can talk to the doctor this week about getting you some allergy medicine.
D: Mom, if I have to take medicine will you please get a good flavor?
M: A good kind like strawberry?
D: No, good like ketchup.Mmmm, doesn't that sound tasty.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

When it Rains it Pours

I've obviously been pretty busy and haven't had much time to blog much less do anything else. I think the dirty laundry has taken over most of the bedrooms. I'm eagerly waiting for the invention of a magic wand and then I would "poof" all my laundry and dishes clean! Remodeling our kitchen certainly hasn't gone as planned. I should know better than to expect things to run smoothly. My brother-in-law is often heard saying "ain't nothing easy". We've heard it a few times around the house and I think if I hear that phrase again I just may scream. Really, it isn't too much to ask for things to go your way but I guess I have come to terms that "ain't nothing easy".

We had the plumber come and install the new plumbing lines in the kitchen and run a gas line for the stove. When he turned off the gas he noticed that the water heater started leaking. He let us know that when older water heaters are turned off and cool, cracks may form and leak. So, of course, that's what happened with ours. He told us it was as matter of time before we would need to replace it. Well, Saturday night I noticed that our "little" leak had evolved into a much "larger" leak so we turned the water and gas off to the heater and planned to purchase a new one. We made the purchase, hauled the old heater out and put the new heater in place and called the plumber to see if he would install it for us. When he arrived he let us know that our heater was too large for the venting we currently have. Of course! He could install it but it wouldn't be to code. So rather than installing a water heater that was too large we decided to be safe than sorry and a new water heater was ordered. Anyway, he installed it last night and this morning I was able to take a shower in my own house.

We have made progress, at a snails pace, but progress non the less. The biggest improvement to date is the wall that is no longer there. We called in some back up to help put the new beam in place and it was nice to get advice from 3 friends that know what they are doing. The beam was put in place opening up the entire living room/dining room. It is amazing what a transformation it is. We have also put in the pony wall separating the living room with the new kitchen. The sink will overlook the living room and front window. I'm excited to keep better watch on my boys out the front window when I am working in the kitchen.
Electrical is a mess. Our house is old so I shouldn't be surprised that the electrical is a mess. It doesn't help matters when we have to add new lights and outlets to the new kitchen area. We are nearing the end of the electrical and will soon be able to get the remaining sheet rock pieces in place.

Contempo Tile had their yearly "Psycho Blowout Sale" where we were able to find some great deals on some accessory pieces. Larry bought an awesome mosaic medallion that we will put in the kitchen area. I'm not too excited to tile around the curved design but we bought enough extra tile that we have some room for error. I was able to find some glass tile for the back splash at a "psycho" deal! The 12x12 sheets retail for $40 a piece. They had them marked for $15 a sheet but I must have looked pathetic because she marked it down even more, $6 a sheet. I bought the last partial box they had. I can't wait to see how awesome it looks installed! Anyone know of a good tile guy??? I may be willing to pay someone to get the job done...maybe.

We have a long way to go and there certainly have been plenty of tears along the way, not to mention arguments and frustrations. I'm just hoping our roof holds out a couple more years. Please rain, STOP!!! I just can't afford to replace anything else!
Here are some pictures of the progress we have made...