Thursday, August 18, 2011

A day at the water park

For the past few years we have bought season passes to Lagoon.  We loved having passes because we never felt rushed to ride every ride while we were there.  We could take things at our own pace.  This year, being that we had a new little guy join our family, we decided to go with something a little more local and baby friendly.  We bought the Pass of all Passes that got us Blaze football games, Real soccer games, Salt Lake Grizzlies hockey games, and races at the Miller Sports Park.  We took advantage of the Real and Blaze games but the real reason for buying the passes was for Raging Waters (Seven Peaks).  The boys have really enjoyed spending time at the water park, especially when Collin and Sydney, along with Natalie and Jay, would join us.  We would arrive by 10am and stay until it started to get busy around 1pm.  A few short hours were always good enough for us.  The lines were short, the pools were empty, there was plenty of grass space to spread out on, and the best part was street parking so we didn't have to pay to park.

Today, Larry and I decided to take the boys to Raging Waters one last time before school starts.  When I told Dresden and Logan our plans, Dresden asked if Collin and Sydney were going.  I explained to him that we thought it would be nice to spend time together as a family.  Dresden was not happy with the decision on not inviting the cousins and he stormed off yelling, "Thanks for making my life miserable!".  Friends have quickly become more important to him than Mom and hurtful.  Despite not having the cousins with us today we all managed to have a good time.

Fun on the rope.

Me doing a little diving

Dresden and I going down the drop off slide

The boys in the wave pool

I couldn't leave my little guy out of the picture fest.  When we got home he was dead tired but so happy to see us.  I have recently taken the swing out of the living room and replaced it with the saucer, which Strider loves.

He also tried a new food today, peas.  Let's just say he isn't a fan of peas.

So, that is our day.  Oh, there was one more event...The Salt Lake County Mayor speaks to our Community Council annually and tonight was the night he was scheduled to attend our meeting. There's nothing like arriving late with three kids in tow and then having to take a seat up with the rest of the Council. It's a good thing my position is a volunteer position and I can't get fired from it.  After the meeting I shook Mayor Corroon's hand and apologized for being late.