Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lady, the Lazy Fat Cat

Lady and her siblings were found in a ditch by my sister, Natalie.  She rescued the kittens and called me over to tempt me into taking one.  After seeing them I just had to take one home for Dresden.  He loved his stuffed animals so much that I knew he would love this kitty.  We gave Dresden the chance to name the kitty.  His choices were PamPam (which was his favorite word for things at the time) and Lady, because he was very much into Thomas the Train.  He ended up going with Lady.
Dresden and Lady instantly bonded.
You never had to guess where Lady was at night...
...snuggled in bed with Dresden.

I even found the two of them sleeping under the Christmas tree one year.
Lady was very social and always wanted to be where the boys were.  And when the boys weren't around, she would be near Larry.  She loved to curl up and sit on Larry's feet when he was at the computer.  When it was dinner time for the family she would eat her food as well.

When we got back from our NY and California trips a few weeks ago, Lady just wasn't the same.  We started to notice her getting sick when she would eat.  I have a feeling because of her social nature, while we were gone she was starving herself because she was waiting for us to get back so she could eat with us.  This was the longest we have left her and I think she probably thought we abandoned her, poor kitty.  We took her to the vet and they did an x-ray and blood work but couldn't find anything wrong.  Our once obedient cat was now jumping up on the counter and table trying to find food.  She was starving and wanted to eat but she couldn't keep anything down.  She was literally starving to death.  After waiting a bit longer to see if she
would get better we decided she was suffering too much.

Our Lazy Fat Cat was no longer the fat cat she once was.
Today she went to kitty heaven.  Our family is going to miss our Lady Cat.


Deidra said...

That is so sad! I hope the boys are OK! I love all the cute pictures of her with the boys.

Nana Donna said...

We will miss her too......she was a beautiful cat. The pictures are priceless!

Natalie and Jay said...

Oh my gosh! I hadn't been on your blog for a while and now after just reading this post, I have to wipe a few tears out of my eyes! What a nice tribute to Lady! It is still amazing the similarities between Lady and our Kitty. The pictures of her sleeping with Dresden made me laugh since that is how we find Cat every night - in Collin's bed.